Who we Are


Alexa and Andrew


How We Started

In 2011 I attended Bonnaroo where I encountered my first silent disco.  I first laughed watching people dance and sing along to music I could not hear, but after a short wait in line I was one of those people.  And I am not about to make this out to be some holy experience. It's just headphones and music.  But the experience of being part of a group dancing and singing together, seemingly participating in the same inside joke, was unique. It was an unexpected highlight for me, and I looked forward to the Bonnaroo Silent Disco every year I returned.  Later, my girlfriend (now wife) and I attended a random beer festival in a convention center in Cincinnati where again we ran into silent disco, and there it became our "thing". Recently we realized that Bonnaroo and random beer festivals are not necessary for silent discos.  We can bring it home, to Louisville, or where ever we want.  Again, it's headphones and music.  Thus, Louisville Silent Disco.  Plainly, our goal is to provide equipment but we hope to also enable imagination and provide an experience.  A basement, a backyard, or patio make great silent disco locations. You do not need a festival to have a silent disco.  So our hope is that you party, and that we can help.