An LSD Introduction

My name is Andrew. My wife is Alexa. We started LSD this summer as a side project but also as an expression of something we love to do together. We are dancers. Actually, and more specifically, SHE is a dancer - like she’s been to dance practice and been selected to be on teams that dance in front of people because they are good and know how to handle an 8 count. I once taught myself the dance routine done at the end of “The Goofy Movie” to show off at an elementary school talent show and then was too scared to sign up. But I know that dancing with her is my absolute favorite and so like I said, we are dancers.

LSD is a couple months old at this point, and it is a blast. We have met tons of cool people and at least 2 dancing tacos. We participated in unique events all around the city which we probably never would have done otherwise. We are learning more about a city we love, all while sharing Louisville Silent Disco.

Now, I am a middle school teacher by trade and Alexa is an attorney. Neither of us are “business people” and because of that, these past few months have been an adventure in starting and growing a business. It’s been exactly as hard as all the podcasts said it would be. As a result I’ve decided to start this blog. It is meant to be a space for thoughts, engagement, and help. I am a person who likes music and who at one point in my life read music blogs, so I will probably share some (super obnoxious) thoughts on music. But this will also be a space to offer help in throwing your own silent disco or suggestions for coming up with possible playlists. I anticipate that this space will evolve as we find our LSD voice and that excites me. This whole thing is exciting.


P.S. the posted image captures Alexa’s 3rd best move, and my personal favorite.