5 Christmas Songs You Will Thank Me For

We are 10 days from Christmas and I know, in the back of your mind you are conscious of number of days remaining that you are allowed to listen to Christmas music. Yes, Springsteen nails “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” every time, but at this point in the season I also know that you have heard the same songs at least 17 times. So today, I want to offer a few Christmas hits that are sure to spice up your rotation. Thank me later, or like our Facebook page or something.

  1. Boys II Men - The Birth of Christ

    By no means will this song get you out of your seat to start dancing, nor will it necessarily get you tapping your toe but only a Grinch could avoid trying to harmonize while sitting in holiday traffic.

    • Favorite part - When the one boy to man jumps in at 1:27 - “born free from sin, here to give us a chance at everlasting life again”. I feel so cool knowing and singing those words. For real, try it out.

2. John Legend - It Don’t Have to Change

I know, and you SHOULD know, that John Legend just released the Christmas album to end all Christmas albums - “A Legendary Christmas”. Seriously, this whole blog post should simply be - "Go Spotify that new album by John Legend”. But for the sake of this blog and for the sake of a “take” i’m telling you that “It Don’t Have to Change” is John Legend’s best Christmas song. Listen to it 3 times and try not to sing along.

3. Herbie Hancock ft. Corinne Bailey Rae - River

You’ve got to hit the “play” button and then give this song room grow. It’s a banger. But it’s gonna take you a couple plays to realize that.

4. This Christmas - All The Versions

This is THE greatest sing-along song. Forget Frosty and Rudolph…There is nothing as empowering as the feeling I get singing “…The fire side is blazing bright, we’re caroling through the nig—ght, AND THIS CHRISTMAS, WILL BE…”. In this verse, we are all Christina Aguilera. We are all offered the opportunity to dig deep and let it rip - “AND THIS CHRISTMAS, WILL BE, A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS, FOR MEEEEE”.

5. Alabama - Thistlehair The Christmas Bear

Naturally I’ve saved the best for last. This song has it all - Country accents, pan flute solos, children’s sing-alongs, and a Christmas Bear delivering Christmas cheer. This is an easy song to laugh at and enjoy ironically, but to do that does this song an injustice. After 6 or 7 years of having this song in my Christmas rotation, it truly does give me that warm Christmas feeling. It’s got a sincerity to it that keeps me coming back, year after year.

Andrew Glibbery1 Comment