My Craig David Dilemma

At the Mile Wide event back in January, a good friend requested a song by Craig David several times throughout the night. He’s a good friend so I nodded and guaranteed I would play it next and then never did. I’m honestly not sure why I didn’t play it, but I just didn’t. I didn’t know Craig David but that hasn’t stopped me before. Either way, I apologized the next time I saw him and I think we are still friends.

A few weeks later I came across this banger…

Shit. I FELT that song.

And so there’s this thing I do when I find a song I really like and think I have discovered a gem - While my wife and I are just hanging around the house I’ll throw it on in the background and gauge her reaction. If there’s no reaction I’ll let it ride, but if that foot starts tapping then I hit her with a real nonchalant, “Oh, you like this one?” as if I haven’t made up my mind yet but making it clear I found this song. (I’m the worst, I know).

This time instead of simply tapping her foot my wife jumped in and finished the FIRST chorus. Like, before I could even do my whole thing. Puzzled and feeling robbed, I look at her and she tells me “this is a remake of a song from from middle school”. And just to rub it in she then sang the rest of the words to the song. (She’s aware of my process).

This is where this story comes full circle - mother fuckin’ Craig David.

Not sure how I missed this in middle school, though I think my Youth Group is to blame, but WHAT. A. SONG.

And so naturally I must pick a favorite. It’s not right, and I know, like children, it’s best to let them both be great and special to me. But I took the month of February to really marinate on it.

Much like Home Alone 2 is my favorite Home Alone because I saw it first, I’ve decided I love the Loud Luxury version more. I’m not proud because it feels very VAPE-generation to love the EDM version of a song better, but it’s where I am. If you have thoughts feel free to comment below, and I can guarantee that regardless of preference you can catch BOTH versions at many silent discos to come.